Matt Irie

One Clock
Matt Irie & Dominick TalvacchioOne Clock, 2006 Microcontroller, 32,768-Hz crystal, binary counter, integrated circuits, circuit board, wire, 7-segment LED displays, LED bulbs, steelEach tick of the seconds digit is programmed to be randomly either a little slow or a little fast, with several options for the duration of a "second." In the current version of the clock, for example, the ticks happen at intervals of 0.7, 0.8, 1.2, or 1.3 seconds. Because these random values are (1) equally likely to be chosen and (2) symmetric about one second, in the long run the clock tells the "correct" time for all intents and purposes even though it never actually tells the correct time. The clock can be said to move in and out of ordinary time, defining the contours of a strange and slippery but in some ways more real passage of time.